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I help people like you to identify and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. With me by your side you will develop a positive and confident self-image.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Russell Edwards Therapeutic Life Coaching.

 I help you to identify and overcome your self-limiting beliefs. Together we will set achievable personal and professional goals for you, recognise your strengths, and help you to develop a positive and confident self-image. 

I help people with the following problems: 

  • low self-esteem
  • stress
  • confidence issues
  • social anxiety
  • career progression
  • relationship difficulties
  • inferiority complex

Why choose to work with me?

Because I’ve been where you are now and completely understand how you feel. I may be a happy and confident person now, but it hasn’t been always this way. For years I was plagued by a skin condition, and this completely robbed me of all my confidence and self-esteem. I developed an inferiority complex and as a result suffered from social anxiety for many years. Fortunately, through a lot of studying and hard work I was able to overcome my confidence issues and become the real me again. If I was able to help myself, I know that I can help you too. Trust me, I know where you’re coming from.

I am also Access NI Enhanced Police & DBS Checked.

I also hold Public Liability Insurance.


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