Live a Confident Life

 Take a moment to think about these two questions: What has been the intrinsic or extrinsic cost of your problems? What could be possible if you didn’t have them anymore? 

You see, the value that my coaching creates is worth a lot more than my fees. Why? Because it’s life changing. 

Coaching Packages

Online coaching sessions are available in blocks of 10 or 6.

10 sessions cost £800 in full or can be paid in two instalments of £450.

6 sessions cost £600 in full or can be paid in two instalments of £350.

Sessions last for 60 minutes and I am also available to take phone calls and receive WhattsApp messages between sessions.

The Confident Life Programme

I also offer my unique 5-step programme, Confident Life, which lasts for 10 weeks. This is a transformational programme that includes all the essential elements that you need to transform your life so that you can feel confident, happy and empowered.

What’s included?

  • 10 weekly coaching sessions where we will work through your issues and I will teach you techniques to sky-rocket your self-confidence. Sessions last 75 minutes and are on Zoom (45 minutes coaching session plus 30 minutes training).
  • 20-plus thought-provoking resources.
  • Techniques to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Unlimited contact between sessions (phone calls and WhattsApp).

The Five Steps:

  • Uncovering your unhelpful beliefs about yourself.
  • Understanding how your negative thoughts about yourself affect your self-confidence.
  • Challenging and replacing your old negative thoughts.
  • Creating self-belief in yourself.
  • Facing your future with confidence.

Cost: £2000 or 3 instalments of £750

So, what are you waiting for, why not transform your life today? Just remember, the choice is yours…

  Cost of regular coaching sessions:

  10 sessions: £800   or   2 x £450

    6 sessions: £600   or   2 x £350


Nobody has to suffer in silence, including YOU

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